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x3_supportgroup's Journal

We're weeping inside.
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WARNING: This community will contain spoilers. Odds are,however, if you're here, you've already been spoiled.

Welcome to our humble little support group on livejournal. Although this community has existed for a good while before the film came out, and just about every fear we had has come true. Still, we find ourselves asking, why? Why in the hell is Phoenix answering to Magneto? Why did Nightcrawler fall into a hole never to be heard from again, along with Scott, for whom no one shed a tear? Why does Juggernaut look like an escapee from a leather bar on Christopher Street in the West Village? And why, lord, why, could they not wait six months for Singer to be finished with Superman?

These are the questions we will be stuck with for the rest of our lives.

Be welcome, bitch, moan, try to justify script decisions. Just know we feel your pain.


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